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Rider Brent Wetters writes:

"I had almost completely given up cycling when I moved to Providence in 2005. I rode for the University of Michigan team during my undergraduate, and had increasingly been finding less and less time to ride since I graduated in 1999. But because of my interest in cycling, I found the Circle A website, and fell in love with the frames. Too bad I didn't have any reason to own one. In 2007, a friend asked me to go on a ride, so I figured "what the hell" and dusted off my old Gazelle, then almost 10 years old. My friend, who had big plans to ride a lot that year, didn't really end up riding much. I however, was rebitten by the cycling bug, and I attribute much of that to the fact I wanted an excuse to get a Circle A. I joined up with Providence Velo Club and did a few races that year. By October, I had my new Circle A. (The Gazelle, sadly, was stolen sometime in September that year.)

"Many of my friends on the team thought I was crazy to buy a steel frame. If I were serious about being a top-level Cat 1 or 2, they might have been right. But my priorities, in this order, were an aesthetically beautiful ride, comfort, durability, and performance. No one can match the paint jobs, exquisite lugs, and brazing on Circle A's frames. I can certainly attest to the durability of the frame, having ridden it thousands of miles over all sorts of terrains during the last 3 years.

"If you need more proof of the quality of the frames or the loyalty of their customers, I just received my second Circle A, a cyclocross frame. Nate, on our team, also owns two: a fixed-gear work bike and a 953 racing frame. Perhaps most telling, Mark, the very teammate who advised me to get a carbon frame, bought his own Circle A earlier this year, and loves it."

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