Providence Velo Club: Riders

Mark Greve started road racing at the University of Colorado, and kept at it through medical school and residency. In addition to being a dad and MD, he's a researcher in cycling injury and the medical director for a professional cycling teem. A classic big rider, he is generally in the top ten when racing criteriums.

Brent Wetters is a graduate student in musicology at Brown University. He started his racing career on the University of Michigan team in 1995. As a rider, he enjoys climbing more than anyone else on the team. Expect to see him at many of the New England hillclimb events such as Mount Greylock, Ascutney, Okemo, and maybe even George St. In addition to riding and school, Brent does freelance web-programming. His website, aims to be the premiere source for information on hillclimbing in the New England area.

Parke Rhoads After a bad crash took him out of Junior/U23 Elite competition over a decade ago, Parke Rhoads is returning to the sport in 2011 to give something back, be the life of the party at every race, and see just how hard he can push his new prosthetic joints (shh, don't tell anybody). Parke enjoys all the things bike including mountain, road, and track and is looking forward to his first year as a Master's racer with an eager eye towards the New England cyclocross season. In addition to racing, Parke commmutes over 5,000 miles a year by bicycle and voluteers with several local and national cycling organizations.

Nathan Turillo Racing since 2008 when simply riding a bike for a living was not enough.He began soley racing road, but started MTB racing and cyclocross and and fell in love with it, if for no other reason, because there aare no cars in the woods. GOod old road racing, however, will always be his first love.

Sylvain Loize started to participate in mountain bike races for fun many years back when he was still a heavy smoker and quite unhealthy. At some point, he was bit by the racing bug and became serious about racing. Syl gave up smoking and started to organize his life around becoming a better cyclist. Many years later, he is now racing Cat 1 mountain bike and is healthier than ever. At this point, there are very few things he would rather do than be on his mountain bike, climbing up or flying down a technical race course.

Geoff Williams is a UBI-trained mechanic and spent years paying for school and his cycling addiction while working in various high-end bike shops all over the country. His primary racing focus is Cylcocross, but loves a good criterium or road race to stay sharp for 'cross. Geoff also commutes to work by bike year round.

Scott Bell makes us an international program. Even though he left Providence - and the US, for that matter - he still races under our colors. Perhaps more importantly, he organized the Saskatoon regional cross series (The Belgian Cup) last year and this year. This year each of their four races had 25 to 35 racers with increasing interest as the series went on. Last year the numbers were about 75% of these. Last year Planet Bike was the title sponsor for the series and provided lots of weekly schwag. This year, no schwag, more racers.

Daniel A. Nelson is originally from Northwestern, NJ and started cycling with the Skylands Road Bike Club when he was in high school. He currently lives and works in Providence, RI as an Emergency Medicine Physician. He just finished his rookie season in organized racing and hopes to race lots more next year in Cat 4.

Curtis Boivin started racing in 1986 and after high school found himself racing in France and developing some very impressive natural abilities. Curtis as a rule finishes in the top three as an elite cyclocross racer and expert mountain bike racer. He also races the occasional road race as a masters and Cat 3 racer.

Michael Brier is the owner of Refunds Now and a passionate advocate for supporting bike racing. Quite simply, he puts his money where his mouth is. When we first developed the sposnor package, Mike said he'd probably come out for our training rides, but not much more. Well, now he's always at the races. Last year, he logged 45 races as a cat 4 and masters road and cyclocross racer. He also races the occasional triathalon.

Tony Silva is a high school science teacher who goes the extra mile for his students. He is working on projects to combat childhood obesity through cycling. A crit specialist, he races Cat 3 and has one of the most blistering springs on the local circuit.

Jerry Chabot has been Cycling competitively since 1984 forming a high school road team in 1985 with Curtis Boivin, another PVC racer. He formed a Jamis sponsored factory MTB team in 1991 and is the Webmaster for Jonathan Page. Races primarily Cyclocross. Also completes in selected road and MTB events.

Chris Burke Touring was his life until 1987, when serving in the US Air Force in England; he took up time trialing and the road racing the following year. Chris also took up mountain bike racing and cyclocross racing where he enjoyed success at the "A" category and Elite events. He raced at the Division 3 level for several years in Europe until settling in Rhode Island. He has held the championship for Rhode Island in cyclocross for two years and was the top road racer in category 3 in 2006. Chris now races the Masters' category events at age 48, and enjoys promoting cycling as a lifestyle to all ages.

Kirk Samuelson was a bike commuter long before ever thinking about racing. Over a couple of years he'd logged thousands of miles riding from the East Side of Providence to Woonsocket and back again. So when he turned up for a team ride one day a couple of summers ago he already had the fitness. And after a year of training crits and cat 5 races he had the skills too. He's been out front and on the attack in race after race this year.

Michael Pajarillo 2010 marked his return to mountain racing after a traumatic and permanent injury to my right leg (severing 2 tendons) in 2009. Although the injury has taken some of my functionality away from my foot, it has not taken away my passion and enthusiasm for racing. I have been mountain bike racing in the New England region since 1995 and I am just as enthusiastic now as I was then. I can not wait for 2011 to begin!

Aaron Derdowski is registered as a Cat 4 cyclist, but is willing to participate in events ranging from 20 minute time trials to long distance triathlons to 24 hour endurance events. He loves to race, but above all loves to train. Aaron plans to take up cyclocross next season, to further diversify his cycling hobbies.

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